GU10 Traditional Pendant Assembly

D: 1 1/8'' H: 11 3/4''


Traditional MRC16/MR16 GU10 halogen convertible pendant assembly for use with any Transitions pendant glass and shades. For use on an antique bronze Transitions rail system or as a stand-alone pendant. Add your own halogen lamp or Sea Gull Lighting LED MR16 to direct light onto a surface while designing your eye-line with a decorative shade.

Available LED Lamps:
97304S LED MR16 3000K
97404S LED MR16 2700K
97504S LED MR16 4000K

• Overall Height: 109 3/8''
• Supplied with 96'' of wire
• Canopy: Depth: 1''  Diameter: 5 1/8'' 

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