Ambiance Lx Cable System

The Ambiance® Lx Cable System has been about quality, flexible, lighting solutions and effects since it was launched in 1993. Today, we offer a full range of lamps, including LED options that use over 80% less energy than the standard 10 watt xenon festoons. One of the most highly regarded and specified lighting systems used in residential, commercial and retail environments, we are the premier under cabinet and cove lighting solution used by discerning specifiers, contractors and homeowners alike.

  • Lx Glyde LED

  • Lx High Output LED Modules

  • Lx LED Festoons

  • Lx Xenon Festoons

  • Lx Wedge Base Lamps

  • Lx Festoon Lampholders

  • Lx Wedge Base Lampholders

  • Lx MRC11 / MR16 Lampholders

STEP 2: Cable

  • Lx Indoor Cable

  • Lx Outdoor Cable

STEP 3: Track

  • 9435-12
    Lx Track Section

  • 9435-15
    Lx Track Section

  • 9443-12
    Lx Track Fascia Panel

  • 9443-15
    Lx Track Fascia Panel

  • 94035-12
    Ambiance Lx Quick-N-Easy Track

  • 9438-12
    Lx Track Mounting Clip

  • 9438-15
    Lx Track Mounting Clip

  • 9439-12
    Lx Track Cover Section

  • 9439-15
    Lx Track Cover Section

  • 9445-12
    Lx Track End Cap

  • Hardwire Transformers

  • Plug-in Transformers

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