Lighting FAQs

At what temperatures is it safe to operate my Ambiance Lighting System?
Ambiance Lighting Systems require adequate ventilation to...... [more]

Can I dim my Ambiance Lighting System?
Virtually all of our Ambiance Lighting systems are dimmable with certain dimmers...... [more]

How do I mount my Ambiance Transformer remotely?
When a transformer needs to be mounted in a remote location, a properly sized...... [more]

Can I operate my Ambiance Transformer on the low-voltage side?
We recommend operating transformers used with Ambiance Lighting Systems...... [more]

What are the terminal voltages on your multi-tap transformers?
In order to ensure voltage consistency and maintain the voltage... [more]

What is voltage drop?
Voltage drop is the difference between voltage of luminaires close to...... [more]

How do I calculate voltage drop?
Calculating voltage drop is not as complicated as it sounds...... [more]

How do I use an Ambiance Fused Plug?
The Ambiance Fused Plug is designed to allow you to connect multiple low-voltage luminaires to a single transformer.... [more]

Where can I find out more details about the transformers you offer?
Ambiance Lighting Systems offers both electronic and magnetic transformers in a variety of sizes...... [more]

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