Rhonda LED Tape

Rhonda LED tape is for the customer who needs the flexibility of LED tape for outdoor applications or needs more light output than found in our tape systems. The Rhonda LED tape has a silicone casing extruded around it to create an LED tape system that can be used indoors or out. With a superb output of 400 lumens per foot, Rhonda brilliantly illuminates kitchen counters, cove ceilings or outdoor spaces.

  • 900011-15
    Rhonda 10ft tape 3000k wh

  • 900010-15
    Rhonda 10ft tape 2700k wh

  • 900009-15
    Rhonda 40ft tape 3000k wh

  • 900008-15
    Rhonda 40ft tape 2700k wh

  • 905010-15
    Rhonda 3" Connector Cord wh

  • 905011-15
    Rhonda 6" Connector Cord wh

  • 905008-15
    Rhonda Power Cord wh

  • 905009-15
    Rhonda Joiner Connector wh

  • 905012-15
    Rhonda 12" Connector Cord wh

  • 98745S-12
    60W 120V Primary 24VDC Secondary Electronic Transformer Black Powder Coated Encloser Damp Location

  • 98746S-12
    105W High Output LED Tape Electronic Transformer

  • 98747S-12
    150W High Output LED Tape Electronic Transformer

  • 98743S-12
    200W High Output LED Tape Magnetic Transformer

  • 98744S-12
    300W High Output LED Tape Magnetic Transformer

STEP 4: Select Components
Track and Lens

  • 98770-15
    Indoor/Outdoor LED Tape Track

  • 98773-97
    Indoor/Outdoor LED Tape Track Round Lens

  • 98772-97
    Indoor/Outdoor LED Tape Track Flat Lens

  • 98770-12
    Indoor/Outdoor LED Tape Track

  • 905045-32

  • 9450
    Lx Double Faced Mounting Tape

  • 9862
    50 Pack of Lx Track Mounting Screws

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